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Men’s Chorus

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  • Give Me Hunger (2013) 6’45” • men’s (SATB div.) a cappella

    Recording at Mariinksy Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1/30/14
    CD available from
    Chanticleer Records on She Said/He Said, Chanticleer Records CLIC010
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    Commissioned by Chanticleer for their "She Said/He Said" touring program

    Inkjar Publishing Company
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    Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) was an American author known for his hard, unflinching observations that allow readers to experience Sandburg’s pride, distain, love, hatred, and sympathy for humanity through his works. In particular, his poetry grasps the best and worst of mankind, from the noblest aspirations of man to the subjugation of the poor, as well as to the trials and tribulations of the working class. Very few poems exhibit his softer side, and even fewer reflect his thoughts on love.  At a Window (the poem’s original title) is one of these rare gems in his body of work. Sandburg starts the poem angrily, challenging the forces that control the universe to take away all that he has; this anger quickly gives way to a surprising gentleness as he asks for love in place of all else. In my piece (titled Give Me Hunger, drawn from the first line of text), I reflect Sandburg’s enraged voice with a relentless ostinato (a repeating gesture) coupled with dissonant chords; for the poem’s softer side, I employ rich, lush harmonies to anticipate the "coming of a little love." This piece was commissioned by Chanticleer.

  • Jarba, Mare Jarba (2014) 4’ • men’s (SATB div.) a cappella
    Commissioned by Chanticleer for their "The Gypsy in My Soul" touring program.

    Jarba, Mare Jarba is a popular traditional Hungarian-Romani folk song. Its text speaks of the longing to return to one's homeland.