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Please note that this page contains works that are primarily for woodwinds. For works that incorporate woodwinds among other instruments, please visit the Mixed Chamber Ensembles page.

  • Bohemian Café (2015) 8’ • fl, ob, cl, hn, bn (or vc), db

    Fifth House Ensemble

    To Cedille Records in celebration of its 25th Anniversary

    Theodore Presser Company
    114-41745 • $81.99 • full score and set of parts • click to order
    114-41745M • $62.99 • set of parts • click to order
    114-41745S • $28.99 • full score • click to order
    PR.114417450 • $81.99 • full score and set of parts • click to order
    PR.11441745M • $62.99 • set of parts • click to order
    PR.11441745S • $28.99 • full score • click to order

    When James Ginsburg, president of Cedille Records, asked me for a piece in celebration of the label’s 25th anniversary, he suggested an intriguing instrumentation: a woodwind quintet with the addition of a double bass. Jim has been in Prague multiple times over the years, where street musicians (or “buskers”) are plentiful around the city. I personally have never been there, so I went online to see if there was footage of Prague’s buskers. I discovered a wealth of videos featuring musicians of all types – one-man bands, blues and jazz groups, classically trained string players, bagpipers, folk singers, Dixie bands, and even a very talented water goblet performer. As it turns out, Prague has a long and very rich culture of busking. I can see why Jim is enthralled with Prague!

    In my piece, I employ the musicians in various groupings to portray different styles of music. I named the piece Bohemian Café, for when I hear it, I picture myself sitting at an outdoor café in a plaza in Prague, drinking coffee, watching street musicians set up around the plaza, and listening to assorted strands of music wafting through the air.

  • Phoenix Rising (2016) 10’ • flute -or- clarinet -or- saxophone
    Christopher Creviston

    Theodore Presser Company
    Saxophone version #114-41826 • $15.99 • click to order

    Legends of the phoenix are found in stories from ancient Egypt and Greece. While each culture possesses a range of stories encompassing the phoenix myth, these tales tend to share similar traits: a sacred bird with brilliantly colored plumage and melodious call lives for typically five hundred years; then the bird dies in a nest of embers, only to be reborn among the flames. In Egyptian stories, the phoenix gathers scented wood and spices for its funeral/rebirth pyre, then collects the ashes from its earlier incarnation and flies them to the temple of the sun in Heliopolis to offer as a tribute to the sun god. In Greek myths, the phoenix was approximately the size of an eagle and was adorned with red and gold feathers; it would fly from either India or Arabia to Heliopolis to give its offering. The bird’s association with immortality and resurrection are particularly intriguing aspects of these tales, giving numerous writers (including William Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, and J.K. Rowling) a rich resource for their own stories.

    Phoenix Rising consists of two movements.
    I. Dying in embers represents an old phoenix who is settling on top of a pile of embers and breathing its last breath; II. Reborn in flames depicts the newly born phoenix getting its first taste of flight. Phoenix Rising was commissioned by saxophonist Christopher Creviston.
  • Stubborn as Hell (2011) 5’40” • 2 clarinets


    Mélomane Duo (Kristi Hanno and Jenny Maclay), clarinets

    Robert Spring

    Theodore Presser Company
    114-41771 • $14.99 • set of performance scores • click to purchase

    Stubborn as Hell was commissioned by virtuoso clarinetist Robert Spring. I heard Bob perform in September 2010 when I attended his clarinet concert at Arizona State University – Tempe. Bob is one of those wondrous musicians that plays the most challenging pieces written for the instrument and make them sound effortless. When he commissioned me, I wanted to write a piece that not only reflected his technical and musical abilities, but also his great sense of humor, hence the title and premise of the piece. The “stubbornness” of the title refers to the manner in which the two instruments incessantly battle each other around the pitch D, and how they willfully get stuck repeating pitches and gestures.