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Performances During the Pandemic | STACY GARROP • COMPOSER

Performances During the Pandemic

Matt Fox, soprano sax
Kristen Zelenak, soprano sax
Patrick Feher, soprano sax

The Battle for the Ballot
Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music 2020 Virtual Festival
Cristian Măcelaru, conductor
Svet Stoyanov, video engineer and producer

Cloths of Heaven
Joey Brink, carillonneur

Fragmented Spirit
Claire Salli, saxophone
Rhys Burgess, piano

The Goth Chapters

Gothic Opera • Alice Usher, soprano and Laurence Panter, piano
Chapter One: Heedless/HeadlessChapter Two: BittenChapter Three: Our InsidesChapter Four: Keepsake

Jarba, Mare Jarba
University of Southern Mississippi Sax Chamber Orchestra • Dannel Espinoza, Director

Lo Yisa Goy • saxophone edition
Illinois State University Saxophone Studio
Paul Nolen, video engineer and producer

Lo Yisa Goy • string orchestra edition
University of Utah Philharmonia
Robert Baldwin, conductor

Meditation for the Inner Storm
Keanon Kyles, baritone and water glass
Produced by Chicago Opera Theater

My Dearest Ruth
• Voice and piano edition
Patrice Michaels, soprano, and Kuang-Hao Huang, piano
• Alto sax and piano edition
Carrie Koffman, alto saxophone,
and Elisabeth Tomczyk, piano

Phoenix Rising
• Violin edition

Earplay • Terrie Baune, violin
• Saxophone edition
Matt Fox
• Clarinet editions
Julianne Kirk Doyle

Thiago Ancelmo
I. Dying in embers
II. Reborn in flames​

The Letter aria
From The Transformation of Jane Doe
OnYoo Michelle Kim, soprano, and Yasuko Oura, piano

The Solitude of Stars Project
• Joseph Francavilla, solo piano
• Josefien Stoppelenburg, soprano, and Stephen Alltop, piano
• Robert Young, soprano saxophone, and Polina Khatsko, piano
• Carolyn Stuart, violin, and Svetozar Ivanov, piano
• Civitas Ensemble (piano trio)
• Tim Gocklin, English horn, and Edward Rothmel, piano
• Midori Samson, bassoon, and Stoke Hayami, piano

String Quartet No. 4: Illuminations
Mathias Tacke and Sarah Plum, violins; Catherine Brubaker, viola; Nick Photinos, cello

Sueños de Flamenco • flute and guitar edition
The Linden Duo (Kimberly Risinger, flute, and Angelo Favis, guitar)

Teeny Tango
Svetozar Ivanov, piano and Leslee Smucker, animation

Joseph Lulloff, tenor saxophone • Yu-Lien The, piano