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Relevant Tones
Host: Seth Boustead
Air date: 7/29/16
Musical Mythology
Seth talks with composer Stacy Garrop about the new recording of her Mythology Symphony inspired by Greek myths.
The Portfolio Composer
Host: Garrett Hope
Air date: 9/7/16
Episode 87: Stacy Garrop on Email Campaigns and Freelancing

Music Publishing Podcast
Host: Dennis Tobenski
Air date: 12/24/16
Episode 30: Stacy Garrop on Overcoming Shyness

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1 Track Podcast
Host: Anthony Lanman
Air date: 1/21/18
Episode 47
Stacy Garrop talks about the composing of her work
Give Me Hunger.


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Sun Times screen shot short July 2013 cover profile. This feature story includes a video with snippets from various performances, along with a full written transcript of the interview in which Stacy talks about composing strategies and building a career in music (among other topics). To read and watch the video, click here or on the image.

In March 2014,
Chicago Sun Times journalist Karie Angell Luc put together a short video that features some of my upcoming projects, including sketches for my under-construction oratorio Terra Nostra.  Click here to view.

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In 2011, Stacy was interviewed by the Albany Symphony about the genesis and development of her Mythology Symphony. To view, click here or on the image.