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Chariot of Helios Perusal

NEW! Theodore Presser Company has published Chariot of Helios, and put a perusal copy of the full score online. Click here to view. This short 5 minute piece for wind ensemble makes for a great concert opener!
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Recent Recordings

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"Mythology Symphony" is an all-Garrop CD featuring my Mythology Symphony, Shadow, and Thunderwalker. To pre-order, go to Cedille Records.
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The Avalon String Quartet's new CD on Cedille Records features my String Quartet No. 4: Illuminations. To purchase, go to Cedille Records.
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The Capitol Quartet's latest CD release contains my Flight of Icarus, which portrays the flight and demise of the Greek mythological figure Icarus. To purchase, go to Blue Griffin Recording.

Piece of the Month

Give Me Hunger
Excerpt performed by Chanticleer
      From She Said/He Said, Chanticleer Records CLIC010
      Available from Chanticleer Records
Commissioned by Chanticleer for their "She Said/He Said" touring program

Terra Nostra Perusal

NEW! Theodore Presser Company has published Terra Nostra, and put a perusal copy of the full score online. Click here to view. For a printed copy of the score, contact Presser's rental department at This 74 minute oratorio works as an evening-length concert, or be paired up with another piece!
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Terra Nostra Audio Excerpts

NEW! Brief audio excerpts from Terra Nostra, my recent oratorio, are now on the web! Click here to visit the San Francisco Choral Society's website, then scroll down about halfway.

Bohemian Café World Premiere

Watch the world premiere of Bohemian Café, performed by Fifth House Ensemble at Cedille Records' annual benefit gala. This fun, lighthearted work for woodwind quintet and double bass was inspired by street musicians in Prague. Click above or here to watch.

Upcoming Performances

Tango Gardél
Nicholas Phillips, piano
"American Character Pieces: New Music for a New Canon" Concert

1/28/16: Moorhead, MN
1/30/16: Grand Forks, ND
Iowa City, IA
2/8/16: Des Moines, IA
2/21/16: Erie, PA
3/6/16: Toledo, OH
3/7/16: Rochester Hills, MI
4/30/16: San Francisco, CA
5/15/16: Chicago, IL

Fragmented Spirit
Jennifer Bill, saxophone, and Yoshiko Kline, piano
2/5/16: Boston, MA
2/7/16: Providence, RI

Silver Dagger and Frammenti
and music by Dan Visconti and Arnold Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht
Fifth House Ensemble
2/14/16: Kenosha, WI
4/2/16: Ravinia, Highland Park, IL

Keyboard of the Winds and Torque
Michael Hall, viola and Kuang-Hao Huang, piano
2/17/16: Chicago, IL

Chariot of Helios (world premiere)
Chicago College of Performing Arts Wind Ensemble
4/28/16: Chicago, IL

For more info on upcoming concerts, click here.