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Recent Recordings

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Chanticleer has released a CD featuring works from their "The Gypsy in My Soul" touring concert. The CD contains Stacy's work Jarba, Mare Jarba, a traditional Hungarian-Romani folk song. To purchase, click here.
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The Australian ensemble HD Duo's new CD features an all-female composer lineup. Included on the CD is the world premiere recording of Stacy's fragmented spirit. To download the CD digitally, visit iTunes.

Video of "Icarus Ascending" from Flight of Icarus

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A film by
Jan Van Dyke and Michael Frierson
Additional camera: Zack Haines
Red Clay Saxophone Quartet
Dancers: Virginia Freeman Dupont and Christine Bowen Stevens of the Van Dyke Dance Group

Upcoming Performances

String Quartet No. 4: Illuminations
Avalon Quartet
4/19/15: Chicago, IL

Pieces of Sanity
Robert Young, saxophone, and Kirk Severtson, piano
4/21/15: Potsdam, NY

Silver Dagger

Trio d'Esprit
4/24/15: Spartanburg, SC

Terra Nostra, Part II: The Rise of Humanity
(world premiere)
San Francisco Choral Society
California Chamber Symphony
Jennifer Paulino, Soprano
Betany Coffland, Mezzo-Soprano
Brian Thorsett, Tenor
Nikolas Nackley, Baritone
San Francisco, CA
4/26/15: San Francisco, CA

Jarba, Mare Jarba
“The Gypsy in My Soul" Concert
4/20/15: Lancaster, KY
4/24/15: Portland, OR
5/7/15: Pueblo, CO
5/8/15: Denver, CO
5/10/15: La Jolla, CA
5/13/15: Modesto, CA

Love's Philosophy
Orchestra of the Swan Chamber Choir
6/5/15: Warwickshire, U.K.

Silver Dagger and Frammenti
Fifth House Ensemble/Fresh Inc Festival
Rush Hour Concert Series
6/16/15: Chicago, IL

For more info on upcoming concerts, click here.

Piece of the Week

Flight of Icarus
I. Icarus Ascending
Excerpt performed by the Red Clay Saxophone Quartet