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Recent Recordings

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Just released!!
Avalon String Quartet's new CD on Cedille Records features my String Quartet No. 4: Illuminations. To purchase, go to Cedille Records.
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Just released!!
Capitol Quartet's latest CD release contains my Flight of Icarus, which portrays the flight and demise of the Greek mythological figure Icarus. To purchase, go to Blue Griffin Recording.
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Chanticleer's 2014-2015 touring program included my Jarba, Mare Jarba, which is included on this live-concert recording. To purchase, go to

Inklings Blog

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Stacy's blog addresses a variety of composer-related topics. Here are the most recent:
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Composer Challenges 2.0
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Selecting a Graduate School Composition Program
Blog 38:
Finishing Terra Nostra: An Oratorio
Blog 37:
Summer Festivals for Composers
Blog 36:
4 Tips for New Composition Graduates
Blog 35:
CD Editing Sessions: Where the Magic Happens
Blog 34:
4 Strategies to Boost Your Composing Skills

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Piece of the Month

Give Me Hunger
Excerpt performed by Chanticleer
      From She Said/He Said, Chanticleer Records CLIC010
      Available from Chanticleer Records
Commissioned by Chanticleer

Upcoming Performances

Bohemian Café (world premiere)
String Quartet No. 4: Illuminations (excerpts)
Soirée Cedille Annual Benefit Gala
Fifth House Ensemble and the Avalon Quartet
9/20/15: Chicago, IL

Silver Dagger and Frammenti
and music by Dan Visconti and Jennifer Higdon
Fifth House Ensemble
10/04/15: Chicago, IL

Silver Dagger and Frammenti
and music by Dan Visconti and Jennifer Higdon
36th Annual BGSU New Music Festival
Fifth House Ensemble
10/23/15: Bowling Green, OH

Keyboard of the Winds (world premiere)
Wisconsin Music Teachers Association Conference
Nicholas Phillips, piano
10/24/15: Sheboygan, WI

little bits
11/5/15: Oak Brook, IL
11/14/15: Chicago, IL

Terra Nostra: an oratorio (world premiere)
San Francisco Choral Society
Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir
California Chamber Symphony
Jennifer Paulino, Soprano
Betany Coffland, Mezzo-Soprano
TBD, Tenor
Nikolas Nackley, Baritone
11/14/15: San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA

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Video of "Icarus Ascending" from Flight of Icarus

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Click picture to view.
A film by
Jan Van Dyke and Michael Frierson
Additional camera: Zack Haines
Red Clay Saxophone Quartet
Dancers: Virginia Freeman Dupont and Christine Bowen Stevens of the Van Dyke Dance Group