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Stacy's blog addresses a variety of composer-related topics. Here are the most recent:
Blog 27:
The Unintentional Symphony
Blog 26:
Happy 25th Anniversary, Cedille Records!
Blog 25:
5 Musical Inspirtions for Terra Nostra
Blog 24:
Components of a Commission Contract
Blog 23:
What do movies and oratorios have in common?
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Online Interview

Chicago music writer Graham Meyer wrote an article about me & my music (and how I'm so darn practical) entitled Something That Makes Their Time Worthwhile. It is in the latest August/September issue of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, an online new music magazine. If you have an Apple product (iPad, iPhone, or iPodTouch), check it out!

Recent Recordings

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Chanticleer has released a CD featuring works from their "She Said/He Said" touring concert. The CD contains Stacy's work Give Me Hunger. To purchase, click here.
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The Australian ensemble HD Duo's new CD features an all-female composer lineup. Included on the CD is the world premiere recording of Stacy's fragmented spirit. To download the CD digitally, visit iTunes.

Piece of the Week

Veni, Veni Emmanuel
Excerpt performed by the South Bend Chamber Singers
Nancy Menk, conductor
Commissioned by the South Bend Chamber Singers

Upcoming Performances

Of Thine Own Child from Terra Nostra, Part I
Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir
12/6/14: Alameda, CA
12/7/14: San Francisco, CA

Lo Yisa Goy
Chicago a cappella
“Holidays a cappella" Concert
12/5/14: Wheaton, IL
12/6/14: Chicago, IL
12/7/14: Oak Park, IL
12/12/14: Chicago, IL
12/13/14: Chicago, IL
12/20/14: Evanston, IL

Jarba, Mare Jarba
“The Gypsy in My Soul" Concert
1/20/15: Miami, FL
1/21/15: Venice, FL
1/23/15: Gainsville, FL
1/24/15: Daytona Beach, FL
1/25/15: Jacksonville, FL
1/26/15: Lakeland, FL
1/28/15: Markham, Ontario, Canada
1/30/15: Cleveland, OH
2/2/15: Clemson, SC
Cleveland, TN
2/5/15: Athens, GA
2/20/15: Rochester, MN
2/21/15: Madison, WI
2/22/15: Wautoma, WI
2/24/15: Toms River, NJ
2/26/15: Lancaster, PA
2/27/15: Ithaca, NY
2/28/15: Brooklyn, NY

Flight of Icarus
J Street Saxophone Quartet
1/10/15: Shanendoah University, Winchester, VA

Flight of Icarus
Red Clay Saxophone Quartet
1/25/15: Duke University, Durham, NC

Mythology Symphony
(world premiere)
Chicago College of Performing Arts Orchestra
Alondra de la Parra, conductor
1/27/15: Chicago, IL

Terra Nostra, Part II: The Rise of Humanity
(world premiere)
San Francisco Choral Society
California Chamber Symphony
Jennifer Paulino, Soprano
Betany Coffland, Mezzo-Soprano
Brian Thorsett, Tenor
Nikolas Nackley, Baritone
San Francisco, CA
4/26/15: San Francisco, CA

For more info on upcoming concerts, click here.